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Benefits of Carrying Your Child in a Baby Carrier

Baby carrier is not just an easy way of carrying the baby around with you but it also has many additional benefits than just that. It is necessary for mother and father to understand the benefits related to carrying a newborn. Yes we said parents because a child needs both father and mother in the same way. The warmth of parents when a child is carried enhances his physical and mental growth and development. It makes the child feel secured thereby inculcating self confidence in him. With hug-a-bub baby carriers and hugabub baby slings you have a variety of alternatives in which you can carry your baby comfortably.

Benefits of a Baby Carrier:

1. For Child:

i. Growth & Development: Children who stay closer to their parents during their growth stage are smarter plus calmer than the ones who stayed away. Kids who are carried were found to be quicker learners and started speaking earlier than others. These kids also begin to sit, crawl and walk faster than others.

ii. Less Cranky: Babies who are not carried are crankier and fussier than the ones who are carried. Carried babies don't create uproar unlike other kids over petty issues.

iii. Building Self Confidence: Babies take time to become accustomed to the new world. Suddenly they are out in a rush of people and when left by themselves they tend to get frightened. In such a scenario if left alone then the kid will be frightened whereas if he's around a parent all the time then it will help in building his self confidence which will make him develop into an independent child at a later stage in life.

iv. Better Digestion: This might sound strange but trust us it does happen. When the kid is carried in a sling there's a slight continual force applied to his belly which helps in improving the digestive system of the kid.

v. Happiness: Last but not the least; the most important and biggest benefit of carrying a child is his happiness for being around you all the time.

2. For Parents:

i. Ease in Breastfeeding: While carrying your child in a baby carrier you can easily breastfeed him without feeling awkward in public places. It ensures privacy and ease for you to do so.

ii. Stress Free Routine: You won't need to pick between your every day chores and tending to your kid. You can carry him and carry out your chores without any trouble.

iii. Getting Rid of Fear: First time parents especially the fathers are dicey about being able to hold a kid in their arms. It's a common occurrence around the globe. A baby carrier makes baby carrying much more fun for such parents.

iv. Weight Reduction: Carrying a kid with you all day long can help you lose 300 calories per day! Carry the baby for his as well as your own good.

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